The Future of WEB3 Social

DeMe is the future of Web3 social. Bringing about the bridge from traditional social media platforms to Web3 based social media by introducing

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Prepare for a Paradigm Shift

Centralization is threatening the future of online media, sowing doubt and fear in the minds of millions. And until now, the people who create and consume content have been powerless to do anything about it. That’s why it’s time for this upside-down paradigm to change. The moment for decentralized and democratic social media is at hand.  And DeMe stands ready to lead the world there.


It’s More Than Crypto.

The blockchain is about more than cryptocurrencies and speculative NFTs. It’s not just play-to-earn games or security tokens. It’s an entirely new paradigm that has the potential to change nearly every aspect of our lives, including the way we create and consume content.

The team behind DeMe have taken this paradigm shift seriously. That’s why they’re developing a new foundation for the media of the future, whether social or otherwise. DeMe promises to be the home of decentralized media.


The Home for Decentralized Media

More than a mere social network, DeMe will be a hub specially designed for decentralized media. The native DeMe blockchain takes advantage of the latest advances in blockchain and smart contract technology, ensuring dApp developers interested in decentralized media will have the tools they need to turn their ideas into reality.

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The DeMe Team

DeMe is being developed by a diverse group of entrepreneurs and developers who are committed to the future of decentralized media. Together, they include experts in finance, crypto token development, marketing, and more. And they have decades of collective experience in the crypto space and beyond. Click here to learn more about DeMe and the minds behind it.

Learn More About DeMe

DeMe is poised to offer users a revolutionary new way to create and share content that prioritizes privacy, freedom, and personal ownership. But DeMe is far more than a mere social media network. 

It’s the first blockchain of its kind, designed specifically to meet the needs of the decentralized media market. So, whether you’re merely a user or a developer looking for a blockchain that’s built for your decentralized media dApp, DeMe can help.

Learn more about DeMe, its design, and the team’s future plans by